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Ronke’s Kiwi Kreation!

This week's smoothie comes from our shy but stylish Ronke. This recipe is simple but gets the job done! The secret ingredient? Kiwi! With looks almost enough to hypnotise any hungry soul, kiwi not only looks great on the inside, but is packed full of vitamins to whip your skin into shape and give it...
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Candy Shea

Candy Scented Conditioning Hair & Body Butter | Recipe

We’re celebrating the impending arrival of our new stock of 100% Shea Butter with this delicious DIY hair food recipe. Ingredients [Where to buy in Doha]: 250 ML Pure Shea Butter [Embellie, Bin Mahmoud St or amazon.com] 125 ML Coconut Oil [Local Shop or Supermarket] 125 ML Aloe Vera...
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Eid Spice

Doha Detox | Smoothie of the Week Recipe

If you find yourself guilty of craving sugar and looking for a healthy alternative, then you may find joy in this recipe. The combination of bananas, dates and the aroma of warm cinnamon, mixed with apples and low fat milk, make this a healthy, creamy and...
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