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Mumsy Melon

This weeks smoothie contains melon which is highly rich in potassium , great for the heart and kidneys! It's an anti cancer food which helps against heat stroke - very ideal for  Qatar's hot season.  Melon is superb for healthy skin, giving it a soft glowing appearance. It's also high in vitamin A which is good...
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Doha Detox | Smoothie of the Week

This week's smoothie adds a sensational twist to any spring diet. Mangos are great for clearing up the skin and are even prized for eliminating pimples. Superb for balancing cholesterol levels and alkalising your body. Enjoy with added oranges and bananas for increased nutritional benefits. Recipe: 1 Mango 1 Orange 1 Banana 1...
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green giant

Doha Detox | Smoothie of the Week Recipe

Overcome the cold and flu that may have come along with the cold rainy weather. This super green smoothie hasn’t earned it’s title in vain. Containing powerful antioxidant parsley, this leafy vegetable is super equipped with charging your body with a good amount of iron it...
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