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very berry

Doha Detox | Smoothie of the Week Recipe

Who knew you could gain huge benefits from eating such little fruits? Well that’s what happens when we eat strawberries, its benefits are never ending! This antioxidant-rich fruit helps in preventing disease and is an immune power booster. Whether fresh or frozen, they are super rich...
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Candy Shea

Candy Scented Conditioning Hair & Body Butter | Recipe

We’re celebrating the impending arrival of our new stock of 100% Shea Butter with this delicious DIY hair food recipe. Ingredients [Where to buy in Doha]: 250 ML Pure Shea Butter [Embellie, Bin Mahmoud St or amazon.com] 125 ML Coconut Oil [Local Shop or Supermarket] 125 ML Aloe Vera...
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Fruit Burst

Doha Detox | Smoothie of the Week Recipe.

It’s spring in Doha and it’s certainly the time to refresh and energise your body. This week’s smoothie doesn’t fall short of meeting those needs. Berries are super packed with nutrients to keep you going and help fight against illness. High in antioxidants, it’s no surprise...
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