Ingrown Hairs

 What are ingrown hairs?

An ingrown hair is a condition where the hair doesn’t grow up to the skin surface and exit the pore. Instead the hair is trapped, usually by a build up of skin cells, and grows under the skin, spiralling beneath the surface causing irritation. Although ingrown hairs can happen naturally, it usually occurs after many hair removal methods.

So what can we do to help reverse this problem? The number one solution is regular exfoliation.

Exfoliation 101

Exfoliation removes dead skin, rejuvenating our skin and making it look lovely, healthy and naturally beautiful.

Exfoliation should be the main focus of a homecare program for ingrowns. What exfoliation does is removes the build up of skin cells and stimulates blood flow to the waxed area. This increased blood flow draws the hair to the surface to be released.

Exfoliate daily for bump free smooth skin! But don’t expect a miracle overnight. This is a regime that needs to be done regularly and ongoingly, especially if you want to keep the bikini zone hair-free.

Regular daily exfoliation is essential in helping to eradicate the ingrown hairs.

TAKE NOTE: The delicate skin is vulnerable when newly waxed, especially the first 48 hours. It is the time of healing for the body so it’s important to keep this area clean and cool. It is best to wait 2 or 3 days for the skin to settle down before exfoliation.

How to Exfoliate

Begin by wetting/washing the waxed area zone of skin to be exfoliated using warm water.

Use exfoliation gloves or a scrub to exfoliate.

Making smooth circular motions on the skin, gently massage the V area, and underwear line that meets the top of the thigh, for approx 60 seconds.

With warm water just splash off when you feel you’ve exfoliated enough.

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