no shampoo day

Why shampooing too often is bad for your hair.

When was the last time you looked at the ingredients in your shampoo? Not sure, well why not begin now? You’ll probably find this: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Ammonium Lauryl sulfate (ALS). Now look on the bottle of your washing up liquid – bingo. Yes these are very common ingredients and very common culprits. They are foaming agents (aka cheap detergents) and are what make shampoos lather. Some studies have shown that sulfates can damage hair follicles, possibly causing hair loss. They also cause skin inflammation and strip hair of essential moisture. Remember how dry the skin on your hands feel after doing the washing up? Well it’s the same effect on your hair when you shampoo. Combine SLS or ALS with hard or desalinated tap water (which is what Qatar has) and you have a very harsh cocktail. Yet many of us are doing this to our hair every single day.

Another notable culprit in many shampoos is Sodium Chloride – also known as salt. Yes – table salt is added to shampoos. Why? It helps to thicken it. Again this ingredient does not really do the cleaning. It’s there for show. It’s also probably why your eyes sting when shampoo gets in them!

This one might alarm you: formaldehyde. It is used in some shampoos as a preservative. It’s also used in many hair straightening products – especially the ones for long-term straightening (also called re-bonding or blowouts). It’s a known human carcinogen. When it comes to the toxic F, our advice is to stay well clear of this ingredient.

Ok enough of the scary stuff…

What are the solutions? Thankfully no-SLS, no-ALS shampoos are slowly entering the Doha market. You can start at Neal’s Yard Remedies. NYR is a trusted name in the UK – with certified organic ingredients. Their new store in Ezdan mall is a welcome addition to the Doha beauty circuit. The NYR Nourishing Lavender Shampoo is a good get. A full ingredient list can be found

Alternatively head to Embellie Boutique salon in Bin Mahmoud [4442 3883] to try out their organic sulfate free shampoo [QR 45 for a wash and condition]. They also sell it.

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