Baking Soda & Vinegar – Not as friendly as you think.

Beauty blogs are full of cheap & cheerful, helpful recipes. But a few are misleading and can in some cases, be dangerous. Take cooking ingredients baking soda & vinegar. Hailed by some as the must-have beauty solutions - found in your kitchen.

Let's take you back to science class. Who remembers the PH scale? 1 is acidic, 14 is alkaline. Things are either more acidic or more alkaline based on where they sit on the scale (unless it is 7, in which case it is neutral).

The ideal PH for skin & hair is about  4.5-5.5, baking soda is a 9! By applying baking soda you're taking your skin/hair on a turbulent ride the way to alkaline city! This disrupts the natural barrier and makes it a fertile breeding ground for bacteria.

The average white vinegar (5-10% acetic acid) is 2.40-3.40. Apply a product that's too acidic and you, well, burn - or risk burning your skin/hair.

Think of your skin/hair barrier as part of your immune system -- essential for keeping the bad guys out and the good stuff in.