Ronke’s Kiwi Kreation!

This week's smoothie comes from our shy but stylish Ronke. This recipe is simple but gets the job done! The secret ingredient? Kiwi! With looks almost enough to hypnotise any hungry soul, kiwi not only looks great on the inside, but is packed full of vitamins to whip your skin into shape and give it that glow it deserves.

Kiwis drastically helps with digestion using enzymes to break down your food. An amazing power house of antioxidants, you can rely on these to give you the daily nutrients you need to boost your immune system. They work superb during the summer months to cool you down, perfect this season in Doha.

You'll find these exotic fruits are more than just a pretty addition to your salad bowl!

Add some apples and bananas for that sweet and fibrous taste.

Photo Credit: mojagaleriasmaku


3 Kiwis

2 Bananas

2 Apples

1 Cup Unsweetened Apple Juice