Iron Punch

Doha Detox | Smoothie of The Week Recipe

Days get busier, more work to do, and less energy to do it with. This means less time to nourish our bodies, and for many of us this could mean a high risk of becoming anaemic.

Anaemia is when the body has less than the normal amount of red blood cells. We need a healthy amount to carry oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body.

What happens if the body doesn’t get enough oxygen? After some time this may lead to tiredness, weakness, or even prolonged headaches. These may be signs of anaemia. So how can we help prevent it? Easy, eat a healthy diet of fruits and veg that are rich in iron.

This smoothie is enough to contribute to your daily iron needs. Spinach has been a power food long before Popeye the Sailor Man. It is loaded with vitamins A,K,D, and E, all of which help build healthy blood cells. When combined with iron-rich apricots, nutrient – rich banana and mangos, you end up with a potent juice that can fight against the symptoms of anaemia. You can whiz this up regularly for a more energetic lifestyle.


Handful of spinach

1 Banana

Handful of dried apricots

1 Mango

125ml of Unsweetened apple juice or water.

Blend for few seconds and enjoy.

Photo credit: annies-hungry