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Doha Detox | Smoothie of the Week Recipe

Overcome the cold and flu that may have come along with the cold rainy weather. This super green smoothie hasn’t earned it’s title in vain. Containing powerful antioxidant parsley, this leafy vegetable is super equipped with charging your body with a good amount of iron it needs for healthy blood cells. Our body can always do with more ‘greens’ to promote a healthy digestive system, healthy skin cells, and not to mention, a healthy waistline!

With added oranges for vitamin C to aid in the body’s absorption of iron. Throw in some bananas and apples for extra sustenance and energy, helping to keep you fuller and more alert on those gloomy early mornings. Enjoy with unsweetened apple juice.


Handful of parsley

1 Banana

1 Orange

1 Apple

Blend with 1 cup Unsweetened Apple juice

Photo Credit: honeypielivingetc