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Baking Soda & Vinegar – Not as friendly as you think.

Beauty blogs are full of cheap & cheerful, helpful recipes. But a few are misleading and can in some cases, be dangerous. Take cooking ingredients baking soda & vinegar. Hailed by some as the must-have beauty solutions - found in your kitchen. Let's take you back to science class. Who remembers the PH scale? 1 is acidic,...
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Shea Butter

Lovingly Hand Whipped By Embellie Salon

Citrus & Vanilla  | Face & Body | QR 100

 Ingredients: Raw Unrefined Shea Butter, Sesame Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil Lemongrass, Orange & Vanilla Essential Oils.

Orange is great at supporting collagen production in the skin while vanilla rejuvenates and brilliantly tones the skin.

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Candy Shea

Candy Scented Conditioning Hair & Body Butter | Recipe

We’re celebrating the impending arrival of our new stock of 100% Shea Butter with this delicious DIY hair food recipe. Ingredients [Where to buy in Doha]: 250 ML Pure Shea Butter [Embellie, Bin Mahmoud St or] 125 ML Coconut Oil [Local Shop or Supermarket] 125 ML Aloe Vera...
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Brazen Bundles

Thrifty Chick | Half Length QR 350 | Full Length QR 400

 Organic Hair Wash

Hair Treatment

Hair Style [Blow Dry, Roller Set,  Loc Retwist, Hair Trim, Shape or Cut, Simple Style]

The Go Getter | Half Length QR 550 | Full Length QR 600

Organic Hair Wash

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