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our philosophy

Embellie is a pioneering salon & day spa bringing a holistic hair and beauty service to the Middle East. Our services range from specialist hairdressing [Textured | Afro | Black hair] to manicures, pedicures, waxing – using products that are kind to hair and skin. We take hygiene very seriously. Each styling unit has its own set of tools – sanitized after every client. And we are meticulous. Even the water flowing from our sinks is purified.
Customer service is a top priority too.
We like to encourage clients to say no to harsh chemicals in hair, abrasive soaps, foaming agents, alcohol and artificial agents on skin. All of which have toxins, some linked to cancer. We understand that using natural products is a lifestyle choice, so ours is a space to consult, learn, teach, reset body and minds or just hang out.
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